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 I was born in Leuven, Belgium in 1995. I am a 22 year old recent graduate of Connecticut College, with a BA in both Graphic Design and French. 

Growing up, my mother owned a Scandinavian retail store called Danish Furniture Center. As a result of being constantly surrounded by it, I developed an understanding and appreciation for the simple and contemporary style of Scandinavian design at a young age. Scandinavian culture has always been a prevalent part of my life; its influences can be seen in my design and studio work, as well as my illustrations. 

French literature and culture have more recently been inspirations for me as an artist. In my last year at Connecticut College, I created a body of work originally inspired by Marguerite Duras’ French novel, L’Amant (1984). I was captivated by the language and explicit imagery Duras used in retelling her experiences as a young girl. More specifically, the manner in which she appeared so vulnerable to the public. Duras recounts, in detail, a relationship she shared with an older man. The novel was published at a time in French literature heavily dominated by heteronormative male writers and their perspectives on sexuality, pleasure, and women. It was for this reason that Duras’ novel was so significant, revolutionary even. In recounting her experiences, she brought light to a new perspective of sexuality; a female one. 

As my infatuation with Duras’ writing persisted, I found interest in the incurable yet inspiring social and political conflicts of the 2016 presidential election. More specifically, the freshly provoked members of the feminist and LGBTQIA communities, including myself. At such a pivotal moment of my existence, I found meaningful ways in which I could contribute to women’s empowerment and the feminist movement through art. I feel it important to note that  my work does not attempt to comment on any sexuality, gender, or orientation that is not my own. It is about me. I am vulnerable.